Fabilas is a multi-disciplinary mid-IR fiber laser (2.9µm) with the highest water absorption coefficient and the minimum thermal damage.

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Hi, this is Fabilas

Ultra-modern in both design and capabilities, the Fabilas™ Platform brings an avant-garde approach to ophthalmic treatments. Fabilas is based on in-house technology developed by IOPtima's R&D and Innovation Team with years of experience in ophthalmology and lasers.
Fabilas is the first and only laser system that brings together the flexibility of fiber and an outstanding user experience in the ophthalmic arena, making it a one-of-a-kind surgical platform that allows physicians to perform a variety of ocular treatments, across a range of indications with high precision and safety.

Using a patented fiber-laser technology, the Fabilas delivers optimal beam quality with optimized optical layout for best tissue interaction. MID IR fiber lasers, with an operating wavelength of 2.9µm at peak water absorption, make it possible to control the surface treatments to minimize thermal damage.

Moreover, the MID IR fiber laser is highly efficient, requiring less energy per pulse while ablating ocular tissue layers in a precise and controlled thickness, leading to excellent surgical safety margins.


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