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Glaucoma Surgery

The IOPtimate® is a surgical system for treating glaucoma which utilizes CO2 laser technology to significantly reduce the intraocular pressure (IOP) by restoring the natural fluid percolation without penetrating the eye.



Oculoplasty – Skin Resurfacing

The iLid™ CO2 laser kit is a more precise alternative to manual surgical scalpels for oculoplasty Surgeons to incise the upper and/or lower eyelids and remove excess fat. The iLid™ also has a handpiece that can be used for skin resurfacing, resulting in younger-looking skin for patients.


Lipitear™ Multi

Ocular Surface Disorder

Lipitear™ Multi is a unique, innovative, preservative-free, vegan lipid-based microemulsion formula for the relief of all common symptoms of ocular surface disorder such as dryness, irritation, grittiness, burning, and stinging.

Lipitear™ Multi, phospholipid microemulsion for ophthalmic use, is indicated for reducing dry eye symptoms.

lipitear multi


Glaucoma – Oculoplasty – Skin Resurfacing

Fabilas™ is a one-of-a-kind surgical platform that allows physicians to perform a variety of ocular treatments for different indications with high precision and safety.
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What the Experts Say

Prof. Ehud Assia

Meir Medical Center, Kfar Saba, Israel - Inventor

The eye is normally quiet and the patient's vision returns to normal soon after surgery. Fluid percolation is constantly assessed during surgery, and if needed, further laser ablations may be applied until a satisfactory clinical result is achieved. The CLASS learning curve is fast.

Prof. Andre Mermoud

Clinique de Montchoisi, Lausanne, Switzerland

IOPtima’s CLASS procedure has true advantages over trabeculectomy surgery as it offers an excellent safety profile with ease of use. It can lower pressure into the lower teens and reduce the patient’s reliance on glaucoma medications without subjecting the eye to the risks of trabeculectomy. It also reduces the learning curve for performing deep sclerectomy with very similar results to published data.

Dr. Muñoz Gonzalo

Hospital Nisa Valencia al Mar, Valencia, Spain

In my experience, patient follow-up over 24 months demonstrates consistent and sustained IOP reduction. The efficacy and simplicity of the IOPtiMate® procedure is remarkable.

Dr. Félix Gil Carrasco

Hospital Angeles del Pedreg, Mexico city, Mexico

From my experience using IOPtima’s CLASS, the procedure (1) is effective in lowering IOP, (2) is easy to use with a short learning curve, (3) has a high safety profile due to a its laser qualities and (4) reduces post-op recovery and complications associated with other penetrating surgeries.

Dr. Nir Shoham-Hazon

Barzilai University Hospital, Ashkelon, Israel

There’s no other glaucoma surgery that maintains an untouched anterior chamber. In standalone case, not even a side port incision is needed. Hence, speedy recovery, no anterior chamber inflammation and least chances of cataract formation. Once you go CLASS you never go TRAB.

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